HOBOKEN WELLNESS SPA promotes living an Ayurveda lifestyle. Ayurveda means “knowledge for long life” in Sanskrit. Ayurveda is also a way of life that involves constant detoxification, rejuvenation, massage and meditation. Ayurveda first originated in 1500 BC in India. It is known to be the oldest form of alternative medicine. Tips to an Ayurveda lifestyles have been collected through out the years and has helped to extend life expectancy. It promotes a inner-balance according to your unique body type. Ayurveda uses natural herbs and medicated oils that are manipulated into the body to cure diseases from the root.

So, what is our mission?

Our mission is to educate our clients on how to live an Ayurveda lifestyle and the many different ways to incorporate Ayurveda in a busy schedules. Through webinars, partnering up with other Ayurveda professionals, and connecting to the broader Ayurveda community, we will grow and learn together. We want to create an INNER CIRCLE of holistic healing, knowledge and friendship. We want our Ayurveda Treatments to help our clients to lead healthier lives.

Why should I come to Hoboken Wellness Spa ?

Relaxation of body and mind in a tranquil environment is what we offer at Hoboken Wellness Spa. Luxurious serene atmosphere and a perfectly brewed mixture of personalized unique spices accordingly to your body type, allows you to lose yourself to calmness and let your body relax. The personalized individual wellness treatments enable our clients to fully experience the wonders of modern relaxation techniques, while these treatments also rejuvenate their bodies with a fresh blend of energy and life.

Stress Can Affect Our Bodies And Health

If you feel tired after a working day, we are happy to give you an enjoyable and healthy solution to find your balance again. Come in and our we provide the perfect treatment and help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.