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Reiki Healing

This deeply-healing session starts with a conversation between the Reiki practitioner and client to create an energetic and interpersonal bond. The basis of all healing. During this exchange, goals are set, and it’s the perfect time for the client to open up as much as possible; this strengthens the energetic, healing connection to the practitioner and inspires trust.

The Reiki Practioner can glean information about the client through intuition. The client then gets on the massage table, full-clothed, so that the aura and each chakra can be scanned and evaluated. A variety of Reiki tools are applied to bring the energy field back into balance.Old traumas and emotions are released and the client’s true self begins to shine again. Clients leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and instilled with hope and confidence. We urge them to sit for a bit after the treatment, drink lots of water, and have a slow and easy rest of the day.


$100 – 30 Minutes
$150 – 60 Minutes
$200 – 90 Minutes
$275 – 120 Minutes